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Traditions and holidays ofGreat Britain.

Every nation and everycountry has its own traditions and customs. Traditions make a nation special.Some of them are old-fashioned and many people remember them, others are partof people’s life. Some British customs and traditions are known all the world.

From Scotland to Cornwall, Britain is full of customsand traditions. A lot of them have very long histories. Some are funny and someare strange. But they are all interesting. There is the long menu of traditionalBritish food. There are many royal occasions. There are songs, saying andsuperstitions. They are all part of the British way of life.

You cannot really imagine Britain without all itstraditions, this integral feature of social and private life of the peopleliving on the British Isles that has always been an important part of theirlife and work.

English traditions can classified into several groups:traditions concerning the Englishmen’s private life (child’s birth, wedding, marriage,wedding anniversary); which are connected with families incomes; statetraditions; national holidays, religious holidays, public festival, traditionalceremonies.

What about royal traditions? There are numerous royaltraditions in Britain, some are ancient, others are modern.

The Queen is the only person in Britain with twobirthdays. Her real birthday is on April 21st, but she has an“official” birthday, too. That is on the second Saturday in June. And on theQueen’s official birthday, there is a traditional ceremony called the Troopingof the Colour. It is a big parade with brass bands and hundreds of soldiers atHorse Guard’s Parade in London. A “regiment” of the Queen’s soldiers, theGuards, march in front of her. At the front of the parade there is theregiment’s flag or “colour”. Thousands of Londoners and visitors watch in HorseGuards’ Parade. And millions of people

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