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  In England Christmas puddingand cakes are being prepared in 6

 Frankly speaking, nowadays English pudding oftener is bought at the shopthan it is made by the English themselves for to cook it’s both more expensiveand gives a lot of troubles which are enough before Christmas as it is.

 But the tradition of Christmas pudding is believed not to die out inEngland. Many people make sweets even if they usually do not prepare anythingmore and they give away these sweets to their friends. Christmas pudding hasgone down in history and English culture. It even played the main roles inEnglish books. For instance here it is what Mrs. Ross out of detective by A.Christie `` Theft of royal ruby`` tells about pudding:

 “Real Christmas pudding must be made in some weeks before Christmas and it mustbe left in coldness; the longer it is kept within reasonable limits, of course,the more delicious it is. I remember when I was a little girl and we went tothe church every Sunday, so we wanted for a certain prayer, which was served asa signal to preparing of puddings. On Sunday the prayer was said and not laterthan next week my mother made Christmas pudding without fail. Everybody livingin the house had to enter the kitchen to stir the pudding and to think of anywish. That is the long-standing tradition, sir, and I always follow it.”

 Christmas psalms, skating, garlands and other typical Christmasattributes accompany beginning of feast time in Great Britain traditionally.This year lighting ceremony of Christmas garlands in Regent-street, Old Streetof London city celebrates its anniversary of 50 years.

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