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Table of Contents. Introduction I. California 1. California today.4 1.2.The History of Los Angeles County4 II. Los Angeles 2.1. Los Angeles now 2. Disneyland.9 2.3. Six Flags Magic Mountain.2.4 Universal Studios 15 Conclusion 16 Literature.17 Introduction. California,

Los Angeles, Disneyland, Hollywood, Beverly Hillshave you ever heard these names I am sure you have. What are these places , where are they situated, what is their history I am sure this question have at least onece stirred your curiosity. In my work I ve tried to cover all these most interesting questions, including history, places of interest their description and even parks entrance fees. I hope my work will help you to get better acquainted

with one of the most beautiful state of the USA California and its one of the most gougeous cities Los Angeles, or a City of Angels. I. California. 1. California today. California is perhaps the most unique state in the USA. It leads the country in manufacturing and farming. Its area is the 3rd in the country and it has the largest population, of which the white people constitute

less than 50. It is the most popular place to spend vacations - hiking in National parks, swimming in the Pacific Ocean and sightseeing in the cities. Such well-known places as Hollywood Disneyland, Death Valley, and the San Diego Zoo are located in California. First European settlements in California were Spanish, and in 1821, when

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