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Students Should Be Given More Choice As To What They


Nowadays there is the discontent with the given
education system among the students of many schools. There are many discussions
on these problems and in most cases they unfortunately still remain unsolved. A
lot of students want to have the choice of what they want to study. In this
essay I would like to discuss the reasons of many problems students encounter
in the educational sphere.

Our problems

Pupils experience displeasure for several main
reasons. First, many students often come across with the difficulty of the
educational program. Curriculum in the present time is very volumetric and
moreover includes set of knowledge which in the future will not be useful.

Second, the educational environment is not always kept
at high level. The school climate should be pleasant that it was pleasant for
pupil to study. However, the majority of all these questions rest on the means
of this or that educational institution.

Third, teaching sometimes offers a difficulty and is
beyond students’ comprehension, because of poor-quality training aids and
appliances, frequently given not in the native language. Furthermore there is
usually the lack and inaccessibility of good school supplies pupils can rely

Our achievements

On the other hand government is trying to extract more
money onto the support of increasing the level of education in their area. We
may notice many changes comparing educational atmosphere ten years ago and at
this time.

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