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Загадочные котлы и сметрельные письмена Антонио Субисаретта Den
Mysterious boiler and fatal polite literaturesThe strange rumours are afloat about the hidden place in the source of Viluy! A certain entrance in the infernal subterranean vault, where the unknown creatures inhabit, the set of the underground metal rooms, in which it’
s warm even in the strongest frosts are talked about. There were fearless men, that spent the night in these rooms, but thereafter they began to be ill. And those people, who ventured to sleep some nights in succession there, died. The name
of the district - Eluu Cherkechekh that means the “Valley of the death” in translation from Yakut language, is namely issued from the stated above tenses.
Boilers of the Hell
There is also the mysterious huge boiler of red colour there. Famous Viluy’ s researcher R . Maak
wrote about it: “On the bank of Alguy timirnit’ s river what means “the large boiler has sunk”, really there is a huge boiler made from copper. Its size is unknown, as only the edge of the boiler is seen above the ground, but there are some trees growing in it… ”.
Michael Petrovich Korecky from Vladivostok has visited the Valley of death three times: first in 33-d being a boy with father, second in 39-th already without the father, and, at last, in 49-th with the group of the young guys.
There, in the thicket, it was possible to wash secretly the gold, not being afraid of robbery and of bullet in the nape.
For three seasons Michael Petrovich saw seven “boilers” by the diameter from six up to nine meters. Even the perfected chisel couldn’ t
injure the metal, from which they were made. The guys, young, healthy, tried more than once. Beat by the large

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