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My country-Russia Den Den
My country-Russia.
The Russian Federative Republic is one of the largest countries in the world. It covers the eastern part of Europe and the northern part of Asia. Its area is about 17 million square kilometers. R
is washed by the seas of the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Arctic oceans. It is also washed by the Black sea, the Caspian sea and the sea of Azov. In the south R
borders on China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries. In the west it borders on Norway, Finland, the Baltic states, Belorussia, Ukraine and others.
The scenery of R
varies a lot from region to region. There are steppes in the south, plains and taiga in the north, highlands and deserts in the east. On the territory of R
there are different types of climate. In the north the climate is arctic, in the south it is subtropical and in the middle of the country it is moderate and continental.
R has two great plains. One of them is the Great Russian plain and the other one is West Siberian lowland. The largest and the most famous river in R is the Volga
river. It is of great historical, economic and cultural importance to R
. The Volga river flows into the Caspian sea, which is in reality the largest lake in the world but not the sea. The deepest lake in the world is lake Baikal. It is about 1600 meters deep. It is also the cleanest lake. Nearly in the middle of
R there is the mountain chain, which separates Europe from Asia. It is named the Urals and it is the largest mountain chain in R .
R has one-sixth of the world’ s forests. They are concentrated in the
European north of the country, in the Siberia and in the far east. There

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