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UK- Tradition and modernity. A personal view“A culture is the sum of all the things by which humanity can choose to differ”
I have chosen to paraphrase Brian Eno’s (British musician) words about culture to start my essay with because they are related to the issue of multiculturalism that I wish to approach in my paper. Starting from my belief that a country is what her people are, I think that the complex and diverse nature of today’s British society can be better understood if we take a close look at the ones who are actually forming this society- the British people
Since the battle of Hastings…. Say the word “British” and the thoughts of most people would be directed to the language of Shakespeare, to the famous British accent, to the royal succession, to Big Ben, to the 5 o’clock tea, to the black humor, to the bowler hat and so on.
About fifty years ago…Say the words “British people” and the following might cross their minds: conservative, traditional, polite, stiff, moderate.
Nowadays…Say the words “ British identity” and you might find it described only by “fluctuating”.
“Strange”, you might add, arguing that a portrait of “British” people or on the meaning of “being British” can be drawn in precise lines. In fact, just above, people proved to have long-established guide marks when it comes to sketching them. A simple, new and controverse word such as “fluctuating” seems rather unsuitable to stand near the traditional and well-known “British identity”.
Still, the significance of “fluctuating British identity” might pop anxiously in your mind, arising the curiosity to search for even a seed of truth in it. And, if that’s the case, I believe the starting point should be the very basic element of this identity: the character and personality

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