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Северо-Кавказский Государственный Университет
Филиал в городе Георгиевске
По английскому языку
Брежнев Е. Ю.
Катышева Л.И.
Г. Георгевск 2004
How many up to him{it} all variety of elements which have created the surprising world around of the person and which make his{its} most essence tried to result chemists in
How many people have staked for the sake of it the life. Many understood, felt, that there should be such system - the law of the nature, aspired to open it{him} is and it is vain. It{he} has constructed its{her} one - periodic system of elements. System of elements of D.I.Mendeleyev.
It was the mighty person, because made him{it} under force only to the giant. How it was possible to it{him}? Due to what? Due to the of improbable force to talent, due to a fortress of spirit, due to confidence that business of it{him} is necessary.
It{He} has appeared in Petersburg silently and imperceptibly, having overcome on horses a long way from sleepy Tobolsk where it{he} was born, up to noisy, talkative Moscow and magnificent city on Neva. And how in unfamiliar big city this blue-eyed young man who is not having neither notable relationship, nor rich parents differently could appear? Father of it{him} was director of the Tobolsk grammar school - a post not the god a message what profitable, and small glass which basically and began to feed family after father, go blind, has been compelled to leave teaching, too did not bring the big income. And nevertheless, when it{he} , it was the big impact for Mendeleev. After all fourteen souls of one
Mitia was younger and, similar, the most favourite. In the childhood it{he} possessed not too a sound health, and in damp

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