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drink coffee or tea with cream and sugar accordingly to your taste . For dinner we eat some soup, salad and fowl, fish or meat with garnish. Many people have to eat out of home in restaurants or in cafes . In such places you can order French fries, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, crisps, pizza and many others, but these meals are very harmful for our health. For the last 10 years in Moscow and in over big cities appeared a lot of restaurants and fast-food cafes. And with each year them becomes ever more. The old restaurants, such as Prague, were advanced, and at the same time has appeared a lot of new. From a net of restaurants of a fast feed(meal) by first has appeared McDonalds, and then Russian bistro Sbarro, Ёlki palki, Patio pizza and т.д Such trade marks as McDonalds , Sbarro and Patio a pizza are known all over the world, and in what you to the country would not be , whether it be Russia, Great Britain or USA quality of meal and е ё of assortment in these restaurants everywhere identical. And such restaurants as Russian bistro and елки палки are only in Russia, and were created on an image and similarity of McDonalds. each of these restaurants has firm dish. For example McDonalds associates with Big Mag Sbarro and Patio a pizza offer very tasty pizzas, in Russian bistro a wide range of pies made on the Russian recipe. But the cheapest and qualitative meal can be found in McDonalds. In Russia unfortunately price level in restaurants of a fast food, and in expensive restaurants very strongly differs and many people simply are not capable to pay the accounts. In Great Britain and in USA considerably more people can visit restaurants. Plus to all service in restaurants of Russia can not be compared with European yet. Also nowadays many restaurants give services in delivery of their most known

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