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it opened as a music hall in 1910. London's theatres have drawn attention for unrivalled standards ever since the days of Shakespeare when his plays were enacted in the Globe Theatre. DruryLane, Shaftesbury Avenue, Haymarket and the Strand are bright with theatrical lights, with musicals and dramas, farce and comedy. Theatre isn't confined to the West End: the stages of the Royal Court in Sloane Square, the Mermaid by Blackfriars Bridge, the Barbican in the City and the National Theatre on the South Bank beckon nightly. Fringe theatre has been growing but with an ever changing choice of productions to see, for longevity there's nothing to beat Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, which runs and runs.
Most British cities have a theatre, but London has the greatest number. There are over 50 theatres in London's West End, the area in London with most theatres, and about 35 smaller fringe theatres.
In recent years, musicals have been very successful. About 51A million people, many of them tourists, go to see a musical every year in London.
Going to the theatre in Britain is not only popular, but also expensive. Not many young people can afford to go. It is possible to get cheaper tickets by going to afternoon performances called matinees or by buying stand-bys, half-price tickets which are sold half an hour before a performance starts.
7. Speak about foods you like and dislike. Describe any recipe.
Meals play an important role in human life. Because it contained indispensable ingredients for life activity of our organism. Such as dioxides, fats, minerals and vitamins. They are contained in fish, vegetables, fruits, meat and other food stuffs . To be healthy man should eat 3 times a day. For lunch people usually eat buiscuits, toasts, sandwiches, cheese and

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