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classical nor pop music. If we are compare them I’ll prefer the classical As the songs consists not only of music, not an unimportant role plays lyrics. In pop music there isn’t both these making elements.
There are a lot of people who enjoyed by classical music, they usually visit concerts of different symphonic and chamber archers. It is often people over 30. They like and admire this music and consider it genius. Some compositions ( works) is really charming( восхитительны) for example the Moonlight sonnat and «to Elise» by Bethoven, and «In cave of the mountain king” by The music is wonderful and you can listen it for many times. And a lot of generations admired and will admire with it. As if to pop music it is very hard to tell something similar about it. I am very doubt that in (через) 50 years the people will listen to what have the pop singers composed. Because the music is very primitive , and the lyrics are stupid. The y sing only about love and some problems which connected with it. And I can’t listen to it at all.
I’ve chosen a rock music. Nowadays it isn’t very popular among young people. They prefer to listen pop. Rap and so on. The main advantage of rock music above all others is lyrics. Rock singers write music and texts them selves and for it i respect them more . the most famous rock group are : Kino, Alisa, Nau, Krematorium, DDt, and many others. Most of them appeared 10-25 years ago , but still fortunately there are people who fond of such music. Rock singers write about eternal (Вечный) problems. In their lyrics reflects their fillings . And each of us can find something close only for him. And that is what rock music about. And that’s why I like it so mach .
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