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building with single rooms, double rooms, and suites and separate there are family cottages. The area of such hotels is usually very big about 50hectores . Club system allows to take free any , soft drinks, food 24 hours a day, because everything is included into the price of the tour. There are all day room services , dry cleaners, laundries. In the rooms there is a refrigerator, bathroom, a satellite TV and direct dial phone. Also such hotels have their own place on the beach with comfortable sun beds .You can spend time riding horses, playing tennis, golf, polo, visiting shops, which are usually situated in the territory of the hotels. In the evenings you can go to the disco or to the restaurant . The menu in the restaurants including different cuisine’s such as :French, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and so on. You can order a yacht tour to some historical places (if any) or something like that. After visiting such hotels you’ll return home happy and refreshed.
5. Pop and classical Music.
Music always been an integral part of human life. In ancient times it accompanied the ritual ceremonies later it began to occupy more important place. Then it transformed in a means of passing time. It reached the highest development only in 20-th century . new directions appeared in music such as jazz, disco, rock-and-roll , rock, pop and so on. The music which was composed from 17 till 20-th century is usually calls classical. That were a sumphonies, ouvertures, suits, sonnats. The most famous classical musicious were: Bach, Bethoven, Gaiden, Shopen, Rohmaninov and many others. In 20-th century it was not so popular any more, her the place was occupied by other genres, such as fate, рор, jazz, and last years became very popular folk songs.
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