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first artist who do it were Richard Hamilton , Edward Paolozzi and Peter Black(who did the famous cover of the Beatles album “Sergeant Pepper”)
Nowadays the Br. artists , seem to have given up the traditional forms of drawing, paining and sculpture. If you go to an art collage exhibition , you will probably see photos, constructions with lights and sounds. Media attention is always on the new ,and the daring and shocking works are often Are awarded by prizes for its originality. And old-fashion taste and skill stayed in past.
3. Staying at the hotel. Speak about everyday services available at the hotel.
When you come to another country or city you can stay at your friend’s house or flat. But if you haven’t got any relatives or friends you may stay at a hotel. There are 2 sorts of hotels: at the seaside and in city The hotels at the seaside usually occupied big territory . And the services and facilities are usually better there then in city hotels. You can get more things free. Also at the seaside hotels food is served usually 2 of 3 times a day and in city hotels you can get only breakfast . Before you arrive somewhere you can make arrangements about a room of the hotel you’ll choose. You can call at the hotel of send them a fax or telegram which numbers you can find in the advertisement. If you haven’t done it , when you arrive at the hotel it is necessary to come up to the reception desk .There a person can order a room. First of all you must fill in an arrival card. In this card you must gave information about yourself. Your name and surname, telephone number and address besides it is necessary to point out how long are you going to stay here. Also among the seaside hotels the best with club system . Usually on the territory of such hotels there are 4-5 storied

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