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the 1960s. The people who work in the museum are actors: those in the 1950s section are in 1950s costume and can talk to you about Marilyn Monroe.
The National Gallery was born when King George IV urged (Убеждил) the government to purchase (Купить) a collection of 38 paintings including six of Hogarth's Marriage A La Mode. Rubens, Rembrandt, other Flemish, Dutch and Italian Renaissance masters were acquired as years passed and the Gallery grew, and is still growing. Next door is the National Portrait Gallery, one of the first major (Главный) institutions to acknowledge the importance of photography in artistic heritage.When the Tate Gallery opened in 1897 British painters, including Turner, appeared there. The Tate, beside The Thames, continued collecting British artists from 1850 to join works by Hogarth, Blake and Pre-Raphaelites and foreign works from the time of the Impressionists. The British Museum's supreme collection was based on the will of Sir Hans Sloane in 1753, which prodded Parliament to acquire his art, antiquities and natural history collections at a sum (£ 20,000) far below their actual value. At the same time the Harleian Collection of Manuscripts was purchased for the nation and on January 15, 1759 the new museum opened -but only to persons considered acceptable. The King's Library was built in 1823 and new wings followed. So did a round Reading Room under a vast copper dome. Ancient works of art abound from Roman hoardes unearthed in recent years to copies of the Magna Carta, Parthenon sculptures and Egyptian mummies. The Victoria and Albert Museum is sited next to a clutch of sister museums - Science and Natural History and Geological which grew out of Prince Albert's Great Exhibition initiatives.

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