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professional clerks , who could read and write. And sometimes when you needed something to write down you had to pay one of the clerks for his job.
After the Norman invasion in 1066 Br. started to join social-political life of Europe. In that time the rich families began to employed clerks to teach their children at home. Then church mans began to open schools for boys. After French revolution which brought ideas of social equality . woman began to demand access to some sort of education as boys. In 1874 Gorton Collage and Cambridge afford the first university places for women.
Nowadays everybody has a right to a school place for a child from age 5 to age 16, and a collage place from 16 to 18. This places are provided free of charge. In GB there are 2 steps which is free of charge: this is Primary school ( here learn children from age 5 to 11) and Secondary school (from 11 to 18 years old). The Primary school consist of 6 steps, and Secondary school education can be devoted into 2 parts. First it is 5 steps after which children can leave Secondary school after they pass 11 GCSE exams( General Certificate of School Education), but they can also stay at school or in collage for more 2 years. Most Secondary schools in GB are comprehensive for example state school s which take children of all abilities. About 7% of students go to privet schools. This schools don’t receive any money from state and they are usually single sex, and children live there during tern-time. Most pupils in GB schools wear school uniform. The favorite colors for it are: blue, gray, black and marron.
After Secondary school only 25% of Students continuos education and go to universities. GB Universities are not open to every one it depends on your last year in school. And your A-level results. For

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