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pens and office equipment.
Harrods : is the famous London department store
Sainbury’s supermarkets are one of the leaders in food and drink selling in Britain.
But the most famous of British shops all over the world is Marks & Spencer . It attracts a great variety of customers, from housewives to millionaires . Princess Diana, Dustin Hoffman and the British Prime Minister are just a few of its famous customers. Last year it made a profit of £529 million, which is more than £ 10 million a week. It all started 109 years ago, when a young Polish immigrant, Michael Marks, had a stall in Leeds market. He didn’t have many things to sell: some cotton, a little wool, lots of buttons, and few shoelaces. Above his stall he put the notice: “Don’t ask how much-it’s a penny. 10 years later , he met Tom Spencer and together they started Penny Stalls in many towns in the north of England. Today there are 564 brunches of M&S all over the world – in America, Canada, Spain, France, Belgium, and Hungary. In M&S the best selling clothes are :for women: jumpers, bras, and knickers; for men: shirts, socks, pyjamas, dressing gowns, and suits; for children; underwear and socks. Best – sells in food include fresh chickens, bread, vegetables and sandwiches. Why is M&S so successful? The store bases its business on three principles: good value, good quality, and good service. Also it changes with the times –once it was all jumpers and knickers. Now it’s food, furniture and flowers as well .Top fashion designers advise on styles of clothes.
9. Education in GB and in Russia.
As in other countries the vast majority (Огромное большинство) of people in medieval Br were illiterate. Written texts were in Latin and exact of churchman , there was only a small group of

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