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Introducing myself bertucho bertucho
Introducing myself
Let me introduce myself.
I am Svetlana Kovina. I was born in Germany on the 5 th of May in 1984.
Now I am 17 and I study in 11 th grade in 139
th school in Kazan. I have a large family.
There are five of us: my parents, my brother, my sister and me. My dad is a businessman and my mom keeps the house and takes care of us. My family and I are Christians.
We all attend Free Evangelical Church in Kazan. Most of our friends also share our beliefs and we spend much time together.
As for me, to believe in God means to live and that ’ s why I am always busy in church. With other women we often visit orphanages and give Bibles to everyone that we can.
I also help our church friends by being a babysitter for little children. On Sundays and Saturdays our flat is often full of people.
We come together to speak about Jesus Christ and to share the experience of our Christian life. My family is also always very happy when Missioners come to our city and stay in our flat.
It gives me a chance to meet new people from different cities and even foreign countries. I am really glad to get on well with so many people and I always try to be friendly with everyone.
I want to live my life so I will not be asha med later.
Actually it ’ s not a simple matter to describe myself but I will do my best.
First of all I would like to say that I try to do all things with love and patience and to follow the golden rule: do to others as you would have them do to you.. It wo
rks in most situations but sometimes I have to close my eyes and to count till hundred to calm down. If you ask my best friend to describe me in three words, he will say

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