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It’s new constitution was adopted in 1993 on 28th of January. The first president of our state is Nazarbaev. The flag of Kazakhstan consists of 2 color: yellow and blue. There is an eagle in the center and kazakh ornament in the left. The eagle flyes under the sun, which mean the freedom of country. The capitol of our country is Astana, it became a capitol in 1998, after Almaty. Almaty is a city of a million people, a big administrative economic and cultural center of my country. One can observe the entire city from the top of the hill Zailiiskiy Alatay. Almaty is known for highly developed engineering, metal-working, wood-working, light, food and printing industries. Machines made at the Almaty Heavy Machine Building plant are supplied to scores of foreign countries. Almaty today is a city of higher schools and research institutes. Over 100000 young people attend the higher and secondary specialized schools. Rich is the cultural life of the city. The theatre has become an important part of the city’s life. Every night there go on the lights of the national opera, the Kazakh and Russian dramas, the Korean, the Young audience Theatre, the Concert halls get crowded. The biggest book depository here is the Pushkin library. Almaty is a garden city: the city especially nice in spring when everything is in blossom. The evening cool of the summer and the mountain breeze invite you for a walk about the streets, boulevards and square of the city. Autumn is beautiful with golden leaves and aroma of Apart apples. Winter in the city, though not lasting, but frosty and snowy is beautiful too. Practically every Almaty teenager goes skating and skiing at this season of the year, the high attitude “Medeu” skating-ring is admirable the whole year round. This sports complex is known all over the world. It meets

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