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It is situated both in Asia and in Europe. The territory of it’s as largest as the territories of Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and Greece taken together. Kazakhstan borders on Kirgizia, Uzbikistan, Turkministan in the south, China in the east and Russia in the north. There are a lot of hills, mountains on its territory. The greatest of them are the Alatow, Tian-Shian mountains, besides there are long rivers in my country. The main rivers are the Ural, the Irtysh, the Tobol, the Syrdaria. The Kaspian sea, the largest lake in the world is situated in my country too. Besides this famous lake there are such lakes as the Balhash, the Issyck-Kul. The Aral sea is situated in Kazakhstan too. Some years ago, is was large and beatiful, and nowadays the government of Kazakhstan suffers about the Aral sea’s future. Many people, hearing about Kazakhstan, think about steppes and villages, but it’s not true. I think, our president is to do something for glory of our country, cause some people don’t know, where my country is, it’s bad. In the north of Kazakhstan, winters are very cold and summers are very hot, and there are more rains in the north and east of Kazakhstan, but in the south there almost no rains. Kazakhstan has coal, oil, gas, gold and other minerals, which now are richening. Coal industry is developed in Mangyshlack. Chemical industry is highly developed in Tshymkent and Karaganda. Agriculture is also developed in my country. Fruits, vegetables are grown here. Cattle farming and sheep farming are very important here too. The population of Kazakhstan more than 16 million people. My country is a multinational state. More than one hundred nationalities live here. Kazakhstan is an independent state, it got it’s independence on 16 of December in 1995 year.

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