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more interested in the topic.
Since the summer of 1992, the collection of information started, with no academic
purpose. In 1993, the book Rikugun Saigo no Tokko Kichi by Shichiro Naemura
was published. This book was about the Kamikaze pilots who departed from Bansei
Air Base.
That summer of 1993 was crucial to my interest in the Kamikaze pilots. First, I visited
Chiran Tokko Heiwa Kaikan again on August 21, and looked in more detail at the
letters, diaries and photographs of the pilots. The photographs were extremely inspiring
in a sense, since in none of them were the pilots showing an expression of fatigue, or
regret. Most of them were smiling.
On the same night, I decided to spend the evening at "Tomiya Ryokan" which is what
used to be the small restaurant Ms. Tome Torihama ran during the war, and which the
Kamikaze pilots used frequently. There were several photographs of the Kamikaze
pilots remaining there. Mr. Yoshikiyo Torihama, the grandson of Ms. Tome Torihama,
talked to me about many episodes concerning the last evening the pilots visited the
Since May 1993 I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to organize my thoughts
and information on this topic.
This essay was extremely interesting and, above all, meaningful for me. The
members of the older generation who I interviewed encouraged and supported me
Appendix Four
The following are those who have supported and encouraged my research for the
Extended Essay: (in alphabetical order)
Mr. Seiichi Araki
Mr. Tadamasa Itatsu
Ms. Itsuko Kai
Mrs. Masako Kai
Mr. Kyoichi Kamei
Mrs. Fusako

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