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Okinawa Tokko.
Special Flight Officer Probationary Cadets
This was for the college students drafted into the war by the Gakuto Shutsujin
who were interested in the Air Corps. The 1st term entered in October 1943,
the 2nd in December 1943, and the 3rd in June 1944. They were made into
Second Lieutenants in one year, half a year earlier than planned. One sixth of the
entire Okinawa Tokko of the Army was made up of these 312 cadets.
Pilot Training Schools
This was not an institution belonging to the Army, but belonged to the Ministry of
Communications. However, the content was almost the same. There were
twelve of these schools and the students were separated into the regular course
and flight training course. Students of fourteen to fifteen years old entered the
regular course. After three years of regular education, the students received one
year of flight training which the students of the flight training course had
completed. To enter the flight training school from the beginning, an educational
background of more than Middle School graduation was required. 108 of the
graduates died in the Okinawa Tokko.
Appendix Two
The 72nd Shinbu Squadron
Many of the Kamikaze pilots mentioned in the Essay were pilots of the 72nd Shinbu-tai
of the Imperial Army. The following are pilots of the squadron:
Title Name Age at Departure
First Lieutenant Mutsuo Sato 24
Sergeant Nobuyoshi Nishikawa
Sergeant Kazuo Arai 21
Corporal Yukio Araki 17
Corporal Tsutomu Hayakawa 19
Corporal Kairyu Kanamoto
Corporal Atsunobu Sasaki
Corporal Kaname Takahashi 18

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