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for Second Lieutenant
Non-commissioned officers whose excellence was recognized were educated in
the Air Corps Academy. Because of their experience and career, their skill was
of a high level.
Imperial Army Air Corps Academy
Students who had completed the four-year course of Middle School or the
Higher Elementary School took an examination to enter. They became civil
servants who had decided to work in the Army. Graduates of the 56th and 57th
term were involved in the Okinawa Tokko.
Pilot Trainee
The pilot trainees had to have a pilot's license, and had to be an Officer
Candidate. After one month in a squadron, they received six months of flight
training in the Imperial Army Air Corps Academy of Kumagaya, and after six
months as probationary Officer, became Second Lieutenants. Among the
students of the Ninth term, there were graduates of the Higher Pilot training
Flight Officer Candidates
Officer candidates consisted of drafted men with at least Middle School
education. After four months of preliminary education, a test was taken. If they
passed the test, they received the required education for officers, and if found fit
for the position were ranked as Higher Officer Candidates. After serving as
probationary officers, they were ranked as Second Lieutenants. If they were not
found fit as an officer, they became the Lower Officer Candidates and became
non-commissioned officers. Those who had the interest in flying received training
with the Special Flight Officer Probationary Cadet in the Imperial Air Corps
Academy. The students of the 7th, 8th, and 9th term were involved in the

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