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ideas were "radical" for the time, and if known by the Kenpeitai, he would not have
been left alone.[57] In a note, he wrote to a journalist just before his mission that he
was greatly honored to be chosen as a Kamikaze pilot.[58 ]Yet he also wrote, thinking
logically with the skills he had gained in college. He believed in democracy. He believed
that the victory of democracy was obvious, and although fascism would make the
country appear to be prosperous temporarily, only decline would wait for it. He
mentioned the fact that Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany had been defeated, and that the
power of "Freedom" will appear in history. He says that if his ideas were correct, it
would be a tragedy for the nation but that he would be happy. In the end of the note he
Tomorrow, one believer in democracy will leave this world. He may look
lonely, but his heart is filled with satisfaction.
Second Lieutenant Uehara believed that he would not go to Yasukuni Shrine, but go to
heaven where he would be able to meet his brother and the girl he loved, who died
Second Lieutenant Toshio Anazawa was engaged. Yet being chosen for such a mission
that [engagement] was to be canceled. He wrote in his last letter to her all the
thankfulness he felt for her and her family. He tells her that he does not want her to
reflect on the time they had spent together.[60] He wrote:
As an engaged man, as a man to go, I would like to say a little to you, a
lady before I go.
I only wish your happiness.
Do not mind the past. You are not to live in the past.
Have the courage and forget the past. You are to create a new

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