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to his mother saying:[53]
As a man I will courageously go. Now, I have no special nostalgic
sentiments. However, I will go regretting that although being born a man, I
have not had filial piety.
To give this young self for the protection of the imperial nation, I believe is
I hope that you will forgive my sin of being undutiful and that you will live
in happiness.[54]
This is similar to what Corporal Araki and Hisanaga had mentioned. All reveal their
thoughts towards their parents. They believed their dying was piety, which shows that
they were doing it for their family. All had mentioned having no nostalgic sentiments
possibly to make their parents feel easier. Because these are "Typical" letters, many
others had written just as they had.
The unique ones written by the college graduates included more personal feelings. For
example, Second Lieutenant Shigeyuki Suzuki wrote:[55]
People say that our feeling is of resignation, but that does not know at all
how we feel, and think of us as a fish about to be cooked.
Young blood does flow in us.
There are persons we love, we think of, and many unforgettable
memories. However, with those, we cannot win the war.
To let this beautiful Japan keep growing, to be released from the wicked
hands of the Americans and British, and to build a 'freed Asia' was our
goal from the Gakuto Shutsujin year before last; yet nothing has changed.
The great day that we can directly be in contact with the battle is our day
of happiness and at the same time, the memorial of our [56]
Second Lieutenant Ryoji Uehara, a graduate of Keio University was 22 years old.

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