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question why the quantity of deuterium increased slitely during the global changes of climate for worming conditions.
The second point is the chemical processing of deuterium as a result of this the 2 H 2
O on the first hand may be formed from gaseous deuterium and atomic oxyden at very high temperature. Pretty interesting with chemical point of view seems our own idea proposed recently about the possible small enrichment of primodial environment with 2
H 2 O. We supposed, that this fact if really existed, may be conditioned by
a powerful electrical discharges taken place in premodial atmosphere laking the natural shield of ozone and may be resulting in electrolysis processes of H 2
O, those ones are now used for the enrichment of 2 H 2
O. But the realization of this process with practical point of view seems unlikely. Nevertheless, if such process has really occured, the some hydrophobic effects of 2
H 2
O as well as chemical isotopic effects should be taken into account while discussing the chemico-physical properties of primodial
environment. Perhaps, it is also a big practical interest to study the properties of fully deuterated membraine structures composed for example from fully deuterated lipids and proteins. Either way or not, the model of deuterium evolution provides a framework for predicting the biochemical consequences of such new fascinating ideas.
Deuterium ( 2 H), the hydrogen isotope with nuclear mass 2, was discovered by Urey. In the years immediately following this discovery, there developed a keen interest in development of methods for uniform biological enrichment of a cell with 2
H, that may be best achived via growing of an organism on medium with high content

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