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Illumination in Bonaventure’s Epistemology ROCKLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE Julia
Illumination in Bonaventure’ s Epistemology
By Alexander Koudlai
The telos of this essay is to support the axiology of the literary work of the great man, which
impressed me who lives almost eight hundred years later. What makes it so important to me
and may be to our contemporary culture? The epistemology and metaphysics are considered there together and in such a way that the ethics of human life is a ffected in a reasonably defen sible
manner. Probably our contemporary axiology (and particularly in the matters of acquiring and evaluatin g of knowledge) may benefit from the
investigation of Bonaventure’ s theory.
Today we are used to he a r that a theory has to be verifiable in order to be considered as knowledge. By
verifiable it is usually meant empirically prov able . The latter means observable to senses
and capable of repeated observations . The theories of ancient and medieval thinkers are usually treated lightly and accused of
dogmatism , of claims not supported by experience. Nevertheless , it is not accurate because the spiritual and miraculous experiences reported by many individuals
from different countries in every century and the communities of monks and nuns living in the monasteries (those laboratories
of spiritual life) do support those theories again and again. Our W. James wrote of those prejudices of the scientific community of his time and of their refusal even to consider those “
hard cases ” not easily explicable by the contemporary scientific theories. There is still a huge problem in this
department today, and we just have to be aware about its existence.

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