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plays an important role in our life. First of all art is a creative activity of humans. Also it is one of the major features which differs us from animals. Art helps us to discover our talents and different, unique and unknown edges of our character. From my point of view if you don
t know anything about art you are not an interesting person to be connected with.my opinion art and people are inseparable things. Since the beginning of the people art has been going hand by hand with people. People have made rock and cave drawings since prehistoric times. But since that time many ages had passed. In every age the art has progressed and developed. Especially from the 14th century that progress was brighter to emerge. Since the 14th century, each century has produced artists who have created great drawings. is a bit different nowadays. The word "art" has a special meaning. It means something beautiful. The paintings of skilled painters are appreciated and admired by millions of people today, by those who can see the beauty. Art comprises weaving rugs, tapestries, ceramic work. So there are a lot of types of art. Nevertheless one can trace basic principles in art. All kinds of it require the same characteristics. The separate parts of a work of art should be arranged in pattern. The form itself, a pleasing shape and balance are extremely important. knows and is fond of art of 18th and 19th centuries, but the most don
t know any painters of the contemporary art. Last year I made a research work about the British art of the 18th -19th centuries this year I
d like to introduce contemporary areas and painters of the 20th -21st centuries of Great Britain. So the aim of the project is to present the most famous British contemporary currents of art. To reach this goal I
m going to investigate the level of art development in Great Britain, to acquaint with the most unforgettable painters of this country.

1. Periods of Art in Great Britain

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