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Russia is one of the largestcountries in the world. It occupies about one-seventh part of dry land. It issituated in Europe and Asia. Its total area is over 17 million squarekilometres. The country is washed by seas and oceans. There are different typesof climate on the territory of the country. It is very cold in the North evenin summer. The central part of the country has mild climate: winters are cold,springs and autumns are warm or cool, summers are hot and warm. In the Souththe temperature usually is above zero all year round, even in winter. Summer isreally hot, the climate is very favourable. The climate of Siberia iscontinental: summers are hot and dry, winters are very cold.

Some parts of our country are coveredwith mountains and hills.

There are many rivers in Russia, thelongest rivers are the Volga in Europe and the Yenisei and the Ob in Asia. Thedeepest lakes are the Baikal and the Ladoga. The water of the lake Baikal isthe purest in the world.

The Russian Federation is very richin mineral resources, such as oil, natural gas, coal, iron. gold and others.

Russia borders on many countries.Among them are Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Poland, China, Mongolia, Korea.

Moscow is the capital of our country.It was founded in 1147. It is a nice city. There are many places of interest inMoscow. You can see many museums, art galleries, theatres and monuments in ourcapital. People of our country are proud of the Moscow Kremlin. There are alsomany big beautiful cities in Russia.

The population of Russia is about 150million people. 83 per cent of the population are Russians. 70 per cent of thepopulation live in cities.


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