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aim of this graduation research is the secure packet WAN routing logic design on the basis of existing devices, but which have significant deficiencies, or the are not acceptable in these or other cases, depending on the choices of net connections. The above mentioned refers to the field of infrocommunications and can be used for making and developing the new net connections commonly networked. (e. g. internet)there is
The way and the system of advancing transporting canals with guaranteed quality of the net service, working with reports
The imperfection of this device is poor adaptation to the changes of the structure of net connection and also the faint usage the qualities of the conditions of the net resource for choosing the way to forwarding streams.some other ways of secure sending the blocks of reports. I must mention, that this analysis has showed, that there are no any analogies of the describing device that indicates for the claimed way of patent condition. In this graduation research the claimed device is illustrated by the drawings. There are block tables of the algorithm realization, commenting during the report.economic proof of the utility, examining in this research is guided on the proving the urgency of the subject researches for solving the application tasksthe development the science and technology and also on the estimate of the scientific and technical level of obtained results.following order of the department of the economic proof is observed.

the economic proof conception

labor intensiveness and schedule of the research effort running

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