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possession of some territory should be more or less validated or at least justified. To tell the degree of this validity it is important to note the following:

1.The more distant in the past is the tie of a nation (ethnos) with the territory the less valid is the claim.

2.The greater area of the «wishful» territory, the less valid it is.

To speak on specific validity of territorial claims we can highlight three groups of validity. We arbitrarily call them «Ethnic», «State» and «Strategic».


areas of the compact settlement of the population belonging to a certain ethnos (nation) at present; territory inhabited by a certain ethnos in the past; territory inhabited by the ancestors of a certain ethnos (nation); territory occupied by the ethnoses close to a certain one by their language, culture, confession.


territory that belonged to the nation state of a certain nation (ethnos) in 20th century; territory that belonged to the nation state of a certain nation (ethnos) since the reliable historic evidences became available; territory that did not belong to the nation state of a certain nation (ethnos), but that did fall under some control of it (i.e. vassals); territory that belonged to the state which can not be called the nation state, but which elite partly consisted of the representatives of a certain ethnos.


territory that was several times occupied by the nation state of a certain nation (ethnos); territory, effective control over which was continuously declared as the goal of the foreign policy of a certain nation’s nation state (like Dardanelles and Bosporus flows for Russia).

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