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Everything is connected on earth- states the first law of
ecology.  Meaning that we cant even make one step without disruption the
environment. Even a usual step on the lawn is tens of ruined microorganisms and
scared insects that might be changing their migration paths and reducing their
natural efficiency. During the last century humans have gotten to be alarmed
about the destiny of the planet, however, when we stepped into this century, we
have stepped into the ecological crisis that we ourselves created.

Environmental contamination, exhaustion of natural resources
and infringements of ecological communications in ecosystems became global
problems. And if the mankind will continue to continue obusing environment, its
death is inevitable.

Now, during an approaching ecological crisis on the planet,
it is necessary for us to cooperate and preserve nature. 

By consuming natural resources more intensively human beings
have progressed and improved conditions of development and the growth of Homo
sapiens as a biological species. However, by "winning" the nature, we
have created almost crisis situation in interaction between the person and the
nature, fraught with greater dangers to the future of our civilization. It
could be clearly seen in the problems with natural resources, power, quality of
an environment in its communication with the further industrial development in
the world and growth of the population. Interdependent changes have led to
occurrence of new communications between global economy and global ecology. In
the past we were alarmed about  the consequences of an economic growth for an
environment. Now we can not simply ignore the consequences of " ecological
stress " – the deterioration of grounds, a water polution, a condition of
an atmosphere and forests.

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