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Analysis of Control System and Synthesis of Real Compensator

The standard task

Variant 18

Topic:of Control System and Synthesis of Real Compensator.:transfer functions (table 1, 2, 3) and structure diagram (fig. 1, 2, 3) are given. It is necessary to. Analyze uncompensated system:

) calculate the transfer function of the whole uncompensated system:) without MATLAB;) using MATLAB;

) define zeros and poles of obtained transfer function;

) plot the time responses for obtained transfer function; the responses should be produced in two different windows of one figure graphic object using command subplot ;

) determine settling time and overshoot of the uncompensated system;

) check whether the system is stable or not using Hurwitz criterion;

) check whether the system is stable or not using Nyquist criterion;

) if system is stable, determine the stability margins using Bode diagram;

) do the conversion from the transfer functions to state space;

) calculate the eigenvalues of the uncompensated system;

10) calculate -norm of the uncompensated system.. Synthesize the real PD-compensator () which would guarantee desired phase margin at gain crossover frequency :

) calculate the phase shift of compensator at given frequency ;

) determine the gain of proportional part of compensator ;

) determine the gain of differential part of compensator ;

) plot Bode diagram of the PD-compensator.. Analyze compensated system:

) build in Simulink the compensated system;

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