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Chapter I. Historical development of Islamic banks

Chapter II. The financial analysis of Islamic banks activity

Chapter III. Perspectives of future development of Islamic banking in the world and in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Islamic Development Bank



Modern banking system was introduced into the Muslim countries at a time when they were politically and economically at low ebb, in the late 19th century. The main banks in the home countries of the imperial powers established local branches in the capitals of the subject countries and they catered mainly to the import export requirements of the foreign businesses. The banks were generally confined to the capital cities and the local population remained largely untouched by the banking system. The local trading community avoided the foreign banks both for nationalistic as well as religious reasons. However, as time went on it became difficult to engage in trade and other activities without making use of commercial banks. Even then many confined their involvement to transaction activities such as current accounts and money transfers. Borrowing from the banks and depositing their savings with the bank were strictly avoided in order to keep away from dealing in interest which is prohibited by religion.Islamic banks are developing very rapidly, thus many bankers and entrepreneurs of the entire world are considered with this phenomenon. However, majority of the western entrepreneurs with difficulty understands the specific character of Islamic business, which complicates their relations with the Islamic business partners. Until now, Islamic financial institutions remain thing in itself they despite the fact that they are possessed by significant potential by the acknowledgement of many specialists. system of Islamic banks is characterized by large specific character, and themselves they in essence come out as the self-contained unit, since entire structure is in the state of evolution, but the search for forms and methods of its activity, optimization of the bases of interaction with the external world is not yet completed. increase in the Islamic banks against the background of the crisis, which enveloped practically entire world, looks contrastingly. In light of the search for investment resources, the Islamic banking occur interest for non-Muslim countries, since in the recent decades as a result of the inflow of petrodollars this region became one of the most important suppliers of capital for the world markets. study of Islamic banking is necessary for understanding of the essence of the activity of banking system in the Islamic countries and possible methods of collaboration with Islamic capital. connection with this purpose of this course work is to analyse the activity of Islamic banking system. for achievement stated goal the following tasks were formulated:

. To examine the history of the formation of Islamic banks;

. To examine the mechanisms of the functioning of banks;

. To investigate the development of Islamic banking system in the world;

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