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I. Introduction.

I have chosen this
problem because I am extremely interested in biology, ecology and the history
of mankind. The problem of genetic modification and cloning is very important
at the present time. The theme of genetically modified food is actual as every
year it takes the greater place in our diet. Many scientists declare danger of
the use of genetically modified food stuffs to health. They warn that
consumption of similar products is capable to lead to unpredictable
consequences, including mutations. One of big problems of a condition in that area
is that genetic engineering is being moved by extreme commercial interests. The
biotechnological companies aspire to patent and deduce on the market all new products
and new genetically modified organisms (plants and animals), not caring about
what collateral consequences genetic changes can have.

To please commercial
interests of some huge companies any precaution is rejected: in fact being
guided by only scientific approach, it would be necessary to test some
generations of plants to be convinced of their safety. It has not been made in
a case with modified plants as process of testing can borrow millennia. In my work I will try to describe
the positive and negative features of genetic engineering, having resulted
possible reasons and examples. In fact now there is a set of disputes and
discussions so even the urgency of this theme is proved by a simple example -
quantity of existing films and serials about this problem.

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