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    Our Homeland – Kazakstan.

     Republik of  Kazakstan is situated in the very
centre  of the Eurasian continent.

     Area: 2.720.000 sg. km (i.e. the country is the 9 th
largest in the world). Common border with Russia, China, Uzbekistan,
Kyrghyzstan and Turkmenistan.

    Climate is sharply continental. Average winter
temperature in January from - 1°C - 5°C (south) to -20°C (North). In summer the
temperature varies from +18°C to  +30°C.

     Natural zones: forest-steppes and steppes,
deserts and semi-deserts.

     Landscape: the overwhelming portion of the
territory is occupied with plains, plateaus, low hills, low lands with only 10
% of its territory accounting for the mountains of Tien Shan, Tarbagatay and

     Main waterways are Yertys, Syrdaria, Oral, Ishim,
Tobol, Ili, Shu, Caspian and Aral Seas, lakes Balkhash, Alakol, Tenghiz and

     Mineral resources:  Kazakstani entrails harbour
over a half of world chromium reserves with lead, zink, copper, silver and gold
into the bargain. Kazakstan ranks first in the world as to tungsten reserves,
second – in phosphorus ores, third – in manganese, fourth – in lead and
molybdenum and eighth – in iron ores.

     The Constitution
defines the state system as a form of presidential republic considering it the
most flexible version in conditions of today. The President ensures coordinated
performance of all the branches of state power and accountability of power
bodies to the people. Parliament of the  Republic is the supreme representative
authority in the country: it performs legislative functions. Executive power is
assumed by the Government of the country. The country recognizes ideological and
political pluralism. All public associations enjoy equal  rights in the fase of
the Law.  National currency of the Republic – tenghe.

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