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Relations and cooperation between Tajikistan and the United States of America 1. The Republic of Tajikistan 2. The United States of America 3. Relations and cooperation between both of this countries Relations and cooperation between Tajikistan and the US have been developing from year to year. Today the

Tajik-American relations are effectively developing in the following fields: trade and economic, humanitarian, security, military-political, fighting against the international terrorism, culture and education, public health services and etc. Intensification of bilateral contacts is evidence of US interest in further strengthening of cooperation between countries. The US Government in 2005 continued its support within the framework of the program of export control

and protection of borders. The US Government provided 16, 5 million dollars from the additional budget of 2005 for protection of border to the Tajik border guards to support Tajikistan in struggle against drugs trafficking and improvement of protection of border. The Republic of Tajikistan History Early history Modern Tajiks regard the Samanid Empire as the first Tajik state.

This monument in Dushanbe honors Ismail Samani, ancestor of the Samanids and a source of Tajik nationalism. The territory of what is now Tajikistan has been inhabited continuously since 4000 BCE. It has been under the rule of various empires throughout history, for the longest period being part of the Persian Empire. Most of modern Tajikistan had formed parts of ancient

Kamboja and Parama Kamboja kingdoms, which find references in the ancient Indian epics like the Mahabharata. Linguistic evidence, combined with ancient literary and inscriptional evidence has led many eminent Indologists to conclude that ancient Kambojas originally belonged to the Ghalcha-speaking area of Central Asia. Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan Arabs brought

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