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1. Feudal system

2. Kings of the medieval
England.William I

3. William Rufus.

4. Henry I

5. Henry II

6. Richard I

7. King John

8. Henry III

9. Edward I

10. Edward II

11. Edward III

12. Richard II

13. England in the 15 th

14. The wars of the Roses

15. People. Rich people in
the Middle Ages

>16. A peasant’s life in the
Middle Ages

17. The church in the
Middle Ages

18. Education in the
Middle Ages

19. Children in the Middle

20. Food in the Middle

21. Clothes in the Middle

Middle Ages
encompass one of the most exciting and turbulent times in English History. The
Medieval people of the Middle Ages were warlike, they have even been described
as barbaric. The Crusades exposed the Europeans to a more refined culture. The
elegance of the Far East, with its silks, tapestries, precious stones,
perfumes, spices, pearls, and ivory prompted a change in culture with a new and
unprecedented interest in beautiful objects and elegant manners. But meanwhile
the battles for new territory and power raged on in Middle Ages History. The
History of the Middle Ages covers the major historical events which occurred
during the period from 1066 - 1485. The History of the Middle Ages starts in
England with the Battle of Hastings in 1066 which ended the period classified
as the Dark Ages. The events in Middle Ages History continue down the timeline
until 1485 which ends the War of the Roses, the start of the Tudor
dynasty and the emergence of the Renaissance.

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