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Information Society Concept

At every stage of human
development level of society is determined by the degree of dominant technologies.
Such technologies and determine the type of epoch (phase) develtion of mankind.

In the words Fukidzavy
Yukiti, scientific technology is a tool of civilization and development which will
ensure the welfare of society. Based on this, "tool"
of the Information Society or Information stage of civilization is ¬ rence information

The notion of "information technology"
is a multi. Therefore, in determining its stresses that aspect in question (operations,
organization, components, etc.).

In this case, when
information technology (IT) understand computing, communications systems, which
use to create, collect, transfer, storage and processing of information in all spheres
of public life.

For comparison, consider a few common definitions.

Information technology - a system of techniques
and methods of collection, accumulation, storage, search and information processing
based on the use of computer technology.

Information technology - a process that uses
a combination of means and methods of collecting, processing and transmission of
data (primary data) to obtain qualitatively new information on the status of the
object, process or phenomenon.

According to the definition
adopted by UNESCO, information technology - a set of interrelated scientific, technological,
engineering disciplines, studying the methods of efficient work of people engaged
in processing and storage, computer equipment and methods of its interaction with
people and production facilities, their practical applications,
and associated with all these social, economic and cultural problems.

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