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” I think, Che was not only the intellectual, but also the most complete person of our epoch.”
Jean-Paul Sartre.
This is a short essay about Che Guevara's life. It was made in order to obtain a good grade for my Writing English class, and, because I had wanted to know more about this man. I decided to talk about him, because I think he is a perfect example of a man who never gives up, no matter what, that believes in equality for everyone and that is disposed to die, if he has to defend his ideals. Nowadays, Che Guevara becomes a legend. I am going to talk about his life, and how he died for the world deeply convincing in his thoughts. He reflected of his mission in this life like helping out others to be free and to get their rights back from oppressive governments, and even though of his failure, his ideals are still alive.
Ernesto Guevara was born on June 14th, 1928 in Argentina. His parents were members of privileged middle class. Elder Guevara engaged in a campaign to stop Nazi propaganda in the America. His mother was equally outspoken. Several times she had been arrested for her political activism and, like her husband, would always support her son in his revolutionary career.
When Ernesto was 2 years old, he turned asthmatic and his family had to move to the countryside, where his father tried to heal him teaching him sports like football, baseball, swimming, and rugby. During grade school Guevara’s decease forced him to receive much of his education at home from his parents. Che became interested in literature, philosophy and physical activities. Especially, he was fond of travelling. In fact, in 1952, he decided to travel through Argentina with a friend riding a motorcycle. In 1947 he entered to the University of Buenos Aires in

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