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Israel - Palestine Conflict MoR Костян
Israel - Palestine Conflict
Damning new evidence of Israel's abuse of Arab children has emerged,
adding another tier to the stack of human-rights violations committed over
the past six weeks of violence.
It comes amid deepening controversy surrounding the visit to the region of
Mary Robinson, the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, whom Israel's Foreign
Minister has refused to meet to discuss accusations of excessive force.
A report by Amnesty International released last week, but barely publicised, describes how Arab teenagers have been arrested in the middle
of the night, subjected to high-pressure interrogations including
beatings and held behind bars for more than a month.
The focus of Amnesty's latest investigation was not the Palestinians
taking part in riots in the occupied territories, many scores of whom have
been shot dead by the Israeli army, but members of Israel's one million
Arab population.
Hundreds of Palestinians living within Israel have been arrested after riots erupted in Arab towns early
last month in protest over killings by the Israeli security services in the early days of the intifada. Some have
been held in custody, denied bail or immediate access to lawyers.
Amnesty's findings are further evidence that, after moves towards reform, Israel is slipping back into the pattern of widespread human-rights
violations that characterised the first six-year intifada.
It includes the story of two young Palestinians in east Jerusalem who say
they were beaten, shackled, and kicked while lying on the ground with
hoods on their heads. They say they were repeatedly slapped during

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