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workers Grodno province in 1905-1907

the emergence of trade unionism

Russia Empire
in the XX Century entered into a complex economic and political environment.
Economic recovery late XIX century gave way to a prolonged economic crisis of
1900-1903. The defeat of the autocracy in the war with Japan had further aggravated the situation
in the country. Grodno province experiencing the same negative processes, but with greater

The working
class of Grodno province was the most numerous among all 5 of Belarusian
provinces. At the 417 enterprises were under the supervision of factory
inspection, were employed 15496 workers [9, s.651]. Edge of the proletariat, as
well as the entire working class of Russia, subjected to ruthless exploitation,
was politically no rights. There are many enterprises were closed and switched
to a shorter working day during the economic crisis.

This led to an
increase in unemployment, while wages have declined by more than half. All this
to the rise of the labor movement.

Thus, in the
period 1901-1904 he was a revolutionary situation. in the struggle to improve
the economic situation of the workers participated in 9 cities and towns in
Grodno Region: Grodno, Volkovysk, Slonim, Smorgon, Oshmyan, Svisloch, Skidel,
Lakes. It was organized 64 strikes, and the total number of strikers more than
5 thousand people.

struggle in the same period reached 11 cities and towns. Political strikes were
held in Grodno (3), Smorgon (3), Slonim (2), Vaukavysk, Ashmyany, Ruzhany,
Indura (one). Total province took place on 12 strikes, 11 demonstrations and 98
gatherings and demonstrations. The number of strikers has reached 11.5 thousand
workers, demonstrators - 4,2 thousand, participants gatherings and
demonstrations - 15,1 thousand

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