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тему: "Henry VIII"

Виконала: студентка 21 групи

філологічного факультету

Мелашенко Ольга Юріївна

Перевірив: Замогильний Д.С.

– 2009


Henry VIII was
the king of England and Ireland. He was the first English monarch to be
educated under the influence of the Renaissance. He became an accomplished
scholar, linguist, musician and athlete.

Later, he had
authorized the English Bible and some approach towards Protestant doctrine in
the Ten Articles. He also considered the possibility of a political and
theological alliance with the Lutheran princes of Germany.

The original
materials for Henry VIII's biography are practically all incorporated in the
monumental Letters and Papers of the Reign of Henry (21 vols.), edited by
Brewer and Gairdner and completed after fifty years' labour in 1910.

Henry VIII
composed numerous state papers still extant. His only book was his "Assertio
septem sacramentorum contra M. Lutherum" (1521), a copy of which, signed
by Henry himself, is at Windsor.

henry protestant alliance

King Henry VIII
of England and Ireland, the third child and second son of Henry VII and
Elizabeth of York, was born on the 28th of June 1491 and, like all the Tudor
monarchs except Henry VII, at Greenwich Palace. His two brothers, Prince Arthur
and Edmund, Duke of Somerset, and two of his sisters predeceased their father;
Henry VIII was the only son, and Margaret Tudor, afterwards Queen of Scotland,
and Mary Tudor, afterwards Queen of France and Duchess of Suffolk, were the
only daughters who survived. Henry VIII is said, on authority which has not
been traced farther back than Paolo Sarpi, to have been destined for the
church; but the story is probably a mere surmise from his theological
accomplishments, and from his earliest years high secular posts such as the
viceroyalty of Ireland were conferred upon the child. He was the first English
monarch to be educated under the influence of the Renaissance, and his tutors
included the poet Skelton; he became an accomplished scholar, linguist,
musician and athlete, and when by the death of his brother Arthur in 1502 and
of his father on the 22nd of April 1509 Henry VIII succeeded to the throne, his
accession was hailed with universal acclamation.

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