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impact of the French Revolution on the European system?

always played an important role in the life of Europe. It was told that to
understand Europe you have to know France. The story of Europe is the story of
France. Everything France took part in is a part of life of different European

impact of French Revolution on Europe is so huge, that it made its impact on
the whole XIX century. It made its step to kindness with the help of the clever
ideas, freedom and equality. It brought light in the ideas of many countries
and horrified some of them. Socialism of the XIX century was also the idea of
French Revolution, it also was a reaction to French Revolution, and the
reaction against that France did not make its promises: liberty and equality. The
reaction on French Revolution was indifferent. The actions happening in France
showed that revolution itself brings anarchy and terror. The struggle of people
for better life, for liberty and fairness brings to repression, terror,
vandalism and death.

talk about impact of one action, happening to one nation on the life of others
and their history is not easy, even though it is such a great event as
revolution. French Revolution for a long time made impact on Europe with its
ideas and became the reason to some actions of the people for a century. That
is why, to talk about the impact of the revolution is to talk how the ideas of
the release from the non-governmental states were brought from one nation to
another. That is how ideas of the rebel and the struggle against old reforms
emerged on all the countries. The attempt to make the changes in the history
awakes people for active deeds. Revolution itself gardens and protects. It
points how dangerous it is for any form of government the combination the
masses of people who are against something, because they are not under control,
how revolution is unpredictable and how it can turn for many into the crush of
hopes and destinies.

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