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Кафедра: АСОИиУЛабораторная работа
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Understanding MayaMAYA
Maya is a character animation and visual effects system designed for the professional animator. Built on a procedural architecture called the Dependency graph, Maya offers incredible power and flexibility for generating digital images of animated characters and scenes. As soon as you launch Maya and begin clicking on the various icons and menus, you begin to get a sense of the possibilities that lie ahead. This tutorial book is designed to quickly make those possibilities real by giving you hands-on experience with Maya as you complete a series of project-focused lessons. This book is designed to teach you how to work in MayaOs integrated environment. In each project, you will model, animate, texture map, add visual effects and render. Shown below are the four projects that you will be animating as you complete this book:
Getting Started: Bouncing BallProject One: Salty the Seal
Project Two: Space Battle
Project Three: Primitive ManUNDERSTANDING MAYA
To understand Maya, it helps to understand how Maya works at a conceptual level. This introduction is designed to give you the story about Maya. This means that the focus of this introduction will be on how different Maya concepts are woven together to create an integrated workspace. While this book teaches you how to model, animate and render in Maya, these concepts are taught with a particular focus on how MayaOs underlying architecture supports the creation of animated sequences. You will soon learn how MayaOs architecture can be explained using a single line. nodes with attributes that are connected. As you work through this book, the meaning of that statement becomes clearer and you will learn to appreciate

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