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The creation and activities of local organizations Zver
The creation and activities of local organizations
of the Bund Belarus
The formation of the Bund as the organization was laid union of the circles of the Jewish workers and artisans western provinces of
Russia empire. Have them on the basis of traditionally existed in the trades among mutual-aid funds (the Jewish craftsmen - hevres) for the benefit of mass labor movement in terms of economic recovery and encouraging the participation in the struggle to improve their conditions of workers and artisans, as put forward
demands to increase wages wages, and shorter working hours, better working conditions were all clear and urgent.
Gradually, the union is "shop" Cass (a profession) in the city, and then the district. Reason for this is was, firstly, the need for financial
support for strikers (especially if the strike was prepared in all crafts), and secondly, the desire of the Social Democrats to establish a network of closely related labor organizations, united by one goal. Cash gatherings used the Social Democrats to promote Marxist ideas, and later for the dissemination of revolutionary literature and training facilitators in the working environment.
Benevolent Fund, were also formed on an occupational basis - the shop. They were led by departmental gatherings that solve critical issues and the organization of the strike (which was very timely in the wake of the mass strike movement in the 90's. This has enabled the Social Democrats to use the mass workers' movement for political agitation and klasovogo education workers
. Thus began the process of transformation mutual-aid funds to fund the fight, which took place under the influence and direct

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