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Kachanivka, a romantic place Форвард Vakula
Міністерство освіти і науки України
Прилуцький гуманітарно -
педагогічний коледж ім. І. Я. Франка
Доповідь – презентація на тему:
Kachanivka. National Historical and Cultural Preserve
студент ІІ курсу 2 групи
шкільного відділення
Бойко Євгеній Миколайович
Цибенко Лариса Миколаївна
Прилуки - 2008
Kachanivka, a romantic place
When, over almost three centuries ago in 1742, Fedir Bolharyn, a land owner of Greek descent from the town of Nizhyn sold a small village located at a scenic place dotted with tree groves and ravines, that he himself had founded, he could never guess, of course, the full import of the sale — the village was destined to become an estate of wide renown as a cultural centre, “new Athens”
as it was referred to later. The man who bought the village from Bolharyn the Greek was Fedir Kachenovsky, a chorister of “the choir at the court of Her Imperial Majesty Elizabeth” in St Petersburg.
Neglected estate
Kachenovsky whose last name, in all likelihood, was actually Kachan (“Head of Cabbage”
) changed to Kachenovsky for euphonic and prestigious reasons, did not do much with the village he had acquired, except for buying some more land around it. His only lasting contribution was the name — Kachanivka that the place became known by.
In 1770, the Russian Empress bought the estate to give it as a present to Petr o
Rumyantsev-Zadunaysky, the then governor general of Malorosiya (“Small Russia” as Ukraine was referred to in Russia at that time) and “glorious victor over the infidels.”
Kachanivka which
was situated in the vicinity

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