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s should also be given a chance to restrict execution of destructive actions, such as deleting files, formatting hard disks. Thereby virus can be considered to be a useful program, keeping a check on system changes and preventing any surprises such as of deletion of files or wiping out hard disks.
It sounds quite heretical to say such words about viruses, which are usually considered to be a disaster. The less person understands
in programming and virology, the greater influence will have on him possibility of being infected with a virus. Thus, let's consider creators of viruses as the best source.
Who writes computer viruses?
They are lone wolves or programmers groups.
In spite of the fact that a lot of people think, that to write a computer virus is a hardship, it is no exactly so. Using special programs called "Virus creators" even beginners in computer world can build their own viruses, which will be
a strain of a certain major virus. This is precisely the case with notorious virus "Anna Curnikova", which is actually a worm. The aim of creation of viruses in such way is pretty obvious: the author wants to become well known all over the world and to show his powers.
Somehow, the results of the attempt can be very sad (see a bit of history), only real professionals can go famous and stay uncaught. A good example is Dark Avenger. Yes, and it's yet another custom of participants of "the scene" –
to take terrifying monikers (nicknames).
To write something really new and remarkable programmer should have some extra knowledge and skills, for example:
good strategic thinking and intuition – releasing a virus and its descendants live their own independent life in nearly unpredictable conditions. Therefore the author must

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