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РЕФЕРАТBiggest German Media Companies

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Biggest German Media Companies

media company is a company that is specialised in production and delivery of media in the form of digital, audio, video, print and events. Media companies are designed to connect and strengthen the relationship between the medium's audience and the sponsor of the medium. The media has long been referred to as the Fourth Estate.

The German media industry is developed and remains successful today.

Digital technologies offer new opportunities - network and mobile platforms allow us to offer readers, users and advertisers with new services.Biggest German Media Companies include such companies:

The Bauer media group,

The Bertelsmann,

The Axel Springer Verlag.

The Bauer media group

media group corporation german

The Bauer Media Group is one of Europe
s leading media companies. The Bauer family has managed the publishing company since its inception 138 years ago. The executive management transition from one generation to the next has always been carefully planned and prepared. This continuity in corporate management is a unique feature of the family-run Bauer Media Group, and a contributing factor in its stable growth and success.

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