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1. Аналитическая часть

1.1 Понятие АРМ

1.2 Организационно-функциональная структура колледжа

1.3 Задачи проектируемой автоматизированной информационной системы

2. Практическая часть

2.1 Разработка базы данных

3. Экономическая оценка проекта


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The annotation

The problem of automation of productions and managerial processes as means of increase of labor productivity always was and remains actual in any sphere of human activity, the sphere of education also is not exception. Necessity of automation of managerial processes for sphere of education speaks problems of simplification of work of the personnel, hence, increases of efficiency of jobs on drawing up of various reports and sheets and their processing, and also processing and storage of various data.

At the present stage of automation the most perspective is automation according to plan — administrative functions on the basis of the personal COMPUTERS established directly on workplaces of experts. These systems have received a wide circulation in organizational management under the name of the automated workplaces. It will allow using system to the people who are not having special knowledge in the field of programming, and will simultaneously allow supplementing system as required.

In conditions of upgrade of education process of information becomes more and more actual. Use of information technologies by administration of educational establishments allows increasing management efficiency. The automated workplace of the deputy director on scientifically-methodical job allows

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